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At Sweet City Smiles, we believe that communication is the most important piece of the patient experience. Every part of your visit is engineered for your comfort, safety, and convenience. Need a break midway through? No worries, just let us know. Seeking more flexible scheduling options? Our team can help! Unsure if you can afford the care you need? We’ve got your back. Simply let us know how we can make your experience better.

What can you expect as a new patient? At Sweet City Smiles, you’re not just a number – we spend two hours at your first appointment getting to know you and developing an individualized treatment plan that is completely personalized to you, based on your specific needs and health goals. We’ll listen to your concerns and help you prioritize the care you need.

Meet Our Doctors

Jonathan Chang, DMD

Hi, I’m Dr. Jonathan Chang. As a child, I had some issues with my teeth and needed braces for six years. I never minded going to my dentist, but it was much later in life that I decided to pursue dentistry as a profession. I came from a family of physicians and knew that I was destined to be a doctor someday. It wasn’t until I was sitting in a dental chair myself for a routine checkup that I heard “Dr. K will be with you in a moment,” and it occurred to me that dentists were doctors too! I love the interaction and relationships that come with being a dentist. Having the ability to calm someone’s nerves, decrease their anxiety, and allow them to enjoy the process is an incredible feeling.

In dental school, I was assigned a patient who was in a bad accident and the prescribed pain killers completely destroyed her teeth. She volunteered as a patient at the school because she had been shamed by other dentists and was embarrassed. Over the years of working on her, we became close friends, and I was able to restore her smile back to health. We built a personal connection and needless to say, the experience put my life into perspective. Throughout my career, I’ve made it my mission to get to know my patients so that they can trust in the care I provide to them.

When I’m not in practice, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing basketball or tennis, or walking my dogs with my wife. You may occasionally spot us at a Disney resort, as we’re both such big kids at heart!


Bachelor of Science

Doctorate of Dental Medicine

Ruby Truong, DMD

Hi, I’m Dr. Ruby Truong, but you can call me Dr. Ruby. I’m originally from California, but I moved to Georgia with my family at a young age. I always wanted a career that would allow me to use my love of science to help people. As a former nail technician, I found that transitioning into dentistry was easy, as I was used to working on small artistic details and building trusting relationships with people. When I had the opportunity to shadow a dentist in practice who brought a patient to tears by giving her a beautiful smile, I knew right away this was the career for me.

My favorite part about being a dentist is being able to help people, whether it’s getting them out of pain, restoring their smiles, or simply helping them improve their overall health. I am driven every day by the ability to impact my patients’ lives in a positive and meaningful way.

When I’m outside office hours, you can spot me spending time with friends and family, taking classes, or exercising. I enjoy trying new things. I’ll try anything once, just so I can say “I’ve done it!”


Bachelor of Science in Biological Science

Doctorate of Dental Medicine

Meet Our Team


Office Manager

Kristin is Sweet City Smiles’ office manager and yes, Dr. Chang’s wife! After listening to Dr. Chang talk about teeth for their entire relationship, she decided to join in the fun and put her office management experience to use at Sweet City Smiles. Her favorite part of being an office manager is building relationships with patients. She believes that serving and supporting others is her greatest purpose, and strives to make every patient feel welcome, supported, and respected.

Kristin grew up in Lawrenceville, Georgia by way of Louisiana, New Hampshire, and Colorado. She has two degrees from the University of Georgia and a graduate certificate from Georgia State University. Fun fact: Kristin and Dr. Chang went to the same high school and the same college but never met until after they both graduated! In her spare time, Kristin enjoys reading, volunteering, and moonlighting as a Disney travel agent.


Patient Coordinator

Julie is Sweet City Smiles’ patient coordinator! She was born and raised in Georgia and is always up for a challenge. She recently graduated from Georgia State University, and was pleasantly surprised that she would end up working at a family dental practice. Fun fact, Julie is actually the daughter of one of our dental assistants, Judy! After hearing her mom talk about her experience with our team, Julie decided it would be a great opportunity to hop on board and pitch in as much as she could. Her favorite part is being able to talk with patients and getting to know them, because she wants every patient to feel comfortable and enjoy their experience here.

During her free time, Julie enjoys binge watching Netflix, but also loves to stay active. After a busy day at the office, you will still see Julie at the gym lifting weights and making sure she gets those steps in!


Treatment Coordinator

Emely is Sweet City Smiles’ Treatment Coordinator. Her favorite part about dentistry is seeing the impact that a smile transformation can have on a patient’s self-esteem and quality of life. This passion, along with her knowledge and expertise in dental insurance, allows her to play a key role in helping our patients close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Emely was born in Uruguay and moved to Lawrenceville at the age of 7. She graduated from Gwinnett Tech and is currently studying for her Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting at Georgia Gwinnett College. In her free time she enjoys watching Korean dramas, walking her dog Mars, and trying new foods and restaurants with her husband Bryan.



Ioana is a Sweet City Smiles Hygienist. She is very passionate about dentistry and was a dental assistant prior to becoming a hygienist. She takes great pride in helping patients improve their oral health and loves seeing their transformation to a healthier smile.

Ioana was born and raised in Romania and was actually a lawyer before moving to the states! After moving here, she completed her degree in Dental Hygiene at Georgia State. Ioana loves working with kids because she has two beautiful children of her own. She enjoys cooking for her family, friends (and our team) and also grows fresh vegetables right in her own backyard!



Kieu is a Sweet City Smiles Hygienist. She excels at comforting patients who have dental anxiety as well as empowering them to feel in control of their dental health.

Kieu was born and raised in Atlanta and even worked at the hospital where she was born! She finished her degree as a hygienist at Georgia State University. In her free time, Kieu enjoys hiking and would love to travel around the world one day. She also loves animals, especially dogs, and would like to be a dog trainer after she retires from being a hygienist.


Dental Assistant

Judy is a Sweet City Smiles’ Dental Assistant and has been with our team from the very beginning! She was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, and now lives in Sugar Hill with her two wonderful children Julie and Leandro. She is very outgoing and always carries a smile on her face. She enjoys working out in her free time and loves cheering on her two kids in everything they do.

Judy’s interest in dentistry came from her sister, who is also a dental assistant. She loves caring for patients and has also been a tremendous help as a Spanish interpreter when the need arises. Plus, she’s helping the team improve their “Español” as well! Judy’s connection with our patients and her incredible work ethic make her a tremendous asset to our team.


Dental Assistant

Amira is a Sweet City Smiles’ Dental Assistant. Since she was little, she always loved going to the dentist. Despite being new to dentistry, her favorite part is being able to build relationships with patients, and the fast-paced environment where she always learns something new!

Amira recently graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelors degree in biology. Amira was born in Switzerland, but both of her parents are from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She loves to spend time being in the sun and playing board games with her family!

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