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I had my anterior implant crown delivered and restored from Dr. Chang today. I’m so happy with the results! Dr. Chang carefully took the impression 3 weeks ago and paid attention to every detail to make sure the crown would work functionally and esthetically. And it surely fits perfectly and looks great! Even though it cost him more, he chose a screw-retained crown instead of a cement-retained crown (without charging me more) because it benefits me the most. He and his partner love dentistry and take great pride in what they do. This is one of the reasons why I think Dr. Chang is the best dentist – he’s not there trying to squeeze every penny out of patients but there to really help them! He spends time explaining and educating patients and never rushes. During the treatment, he always makes sure I’m comfortable with every procedure. He takes time to show me my X-ray and explains all the details of my implant restoration. I’m so thankful that I finally have a honest and trustworthy dentist to help me!

Sonia S.

When I go to the dentist, I expect them to look at my teeth, then tell me I have cavities and I need to brush and floss more. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jonathan Chang, who was completely different! We took x-rays and he took the time to explain everything about the x-rays. He pointed where my teeth were wearing out and extensively explained possible causes. He thoroughly went over brushing and flossing techniques that were catered to me. Never have I had the level of detail and care like this before at any other dentist I’ve seen! Not only did I feel that Dr. Chang truly cares for his patients’ dental health but I could feel the level of professionalism and genuine care for their patients from all the staff there. They were all amazing! At most dentist offices I feel like they are in a rush to move you along, but not here at Sweet City Smiles. They give you that personal service that shows that you’re more than just a patient. I highly recommend Sweet City Smiles and will be coming back from now on!

Paul K.

Today, the hubby and I, had a great cleaning experience here at Sweet City Smiles. We were seen almost immediately after filling out the usual paperwork, which was nice we didn’t have to wait. The office is super new and clean, equipped with many new and pleasant technology making our dentist visit less scarier.

Dr. Chang was very informative and meticulous with his work. He was very helpful with explaining what I needed done and recommended what I need to do in the future. He also taught me different techniques to clean my teeth better considering I have braces. Dr. Chang was very careful with the cleaning process and worked well around my brackets. It’s very difficult to clean your teeth while having braces and this visit helped me realize how I should really be cleaning them. I have to extract a couple teeth in the near future so I have great confidence Dr. Chang or Dr. Truong will take good care of me after today’s experience. We also received a nice gift bag for new patients! I definitely recommend this practice for your future dental services! You won’t regret it.

Hien L.

Highly recommend! Dr. Change and his staffs (Kristen and Judy) are very professional, welcoming, and knowledgeable. Every time I see Dr. Chang, he always take the time to look at the X-ray with me, tell me what is going on with each section, and the daily things I can do to better protect my teeth, which I really appreciate. Dr. Chang cares for every patient he sees, and the small little detail he does really decreases the fear I have for dentists and builds up that trust. I truly hope everyone can have a caring and knowledgeable dentist like Dr. Chang. If not, please go see him!!

Jessica S.

The staff was amazing! Office is located in a great location. I really enjoyed my experience! I have been waiting for over a year for Dr. Chang to open his own office. Everyone is very nice, welcoming, and knowledgeable. I was super comfortable. They provide the best dental care!

Melanie N.

Today was my first visit at Sweet City Smiles and it was amazing! From the initial set up of my appointment the service was excellent. Dr. Chang really took his time to walk me through everything from exiting issues to preventative care. Also, they donated a school bag with supplies on my behalf for being a new client… How cool is that?!

Kashima P.

What an amazing office! I’ve had great experiences with both Dr. Chang and Dr. Truong, and the entire team is really nice too! I really liked that the x-ray equipment here is state of the art and the assistant explained to me that it has 90% less radiation than traditional imaging! I wasn’t even required to wear one of those heavy x-ray shields. I also loved the view of the room I was in for my appointment. It was so open and made me feel more relaxed!

Jackie H.

Dr. Chang is the best dentist I’ve had! I’ve had many dental problems and have seen many different dentists all my life therefore Dr. Chang’s being the best really means a lot. He really cares about his patients and really does a wonderful job! He goes above and beyond to ensure the procedures are done perfectly and exceeds the patients’ expectations! He educates patients how to daily clean their teeth well. He spends time with his patients so they don’t feel rushed off. He has a great personality too – honest, easygoing, funny, and then again caring! He even remembers how my family members (soon will be his patients too) are doing! Going to see him is like going to see a friend! I’m really happy that I have him as my dentist. I know I won’t have to worry about my teeth! The office is very nice and comfortable. Everyone there is so friendly! I highly recommend the team!


Dr. Chang is truly the best dentist I’ve been too. He takes time to listen to his patients and help teach proper dental care so that you can feel confident in your smile. Jen at the front desk was very friendly and helpful with any questions regarding scheduling and payments. The office as a whole is beautiful and welcoming as is the entire staff. Couldn’t recommend a better practice!

Samantha G.

Never thought that I would say this but after visiting Sweet City Smiles Dental, I am not afraid to go to the dentist anymore. Dr. Truong and her assistant made me feel extremely comfortable and less anxious. She always checked on how I am doing and if I need to take a little break. She continues to explained talk to me and explains the process. If you are looking for a good dentist, I highly recommend you try Sweet City Smile.

Jerry K.

Dr. Chang is extremely professional and patient. I have a few procedures scheduled over the next few weeks, so Dr. Chang took the time to sit down and explain every detail to ease my nerves. Not to mention their new office is gorgeous and the rest of the staff is very friendly. I would highly recommend!

Lauren K.

Their attention to detail and service is hands down the best experience I’ve had. I can’t say enough how much I’d recommend anyone to come here. I have neglected going to the dentist for years because of Dental Anxiety. They made me feel comfortable & unashamed. They were clear with the roadmap I should take and I feel confident that I will be completely taken care of. Staff is amazing.

Calvin C.

Love this place. The staff is amazing. My dentist, Dr Chang, is very patient and kind. I dread going to the dentist to get a cleaning because it’s always such a painful process but this has been the most painless experience yet. I’ve never been excited to go back to the dentist for my next cleaning, but I am now! Thank you Sweet City Smiles for a wonderful dental experience.

Stephanie U.

I followed Dr. Chang from Sage Dental. He’s the best dentist I’ve seen. I am so happy that he has his own practice now instead of a corporate one. The new location is a nice area with many shops and restaurants nearby. There’s even a parking deck that has reserved parking for patients. He always check in if I’m doing ok and is very thorough with everything. Highly recommended!

Rosanna F.

Dr. Chang always puts the care and comfort of his patient first. I highly recommend Sweet City Smiles!

Eric R.

Just had my first visit at this new office and I was amazed by the place. The staff are all friendly and the doctors are knowledgeable and honest. Dr. Chang explained to me my brushing habits and how I could improve, and told me about things I might need done in the future for preventative measures. I know some places won’t tell you until it’s too late and you need a root canal. Two favorite parts was the x-ray machine they use that reduces radiation by 90%, so I know they want only the best for their patients and the other is the sunglasses they gave me to wear while I was getting my teeth cleaned which was really nice to have because I always hated how bright the lights were. They also gave me chapstick cause my lips were dry. The little things. Have you ever looked forward to going to the dentist like I am right now?

Henry U.

Dr.Chang was awesome as usually. He is very detailed and explains everything thoroughly. This new practice is amazing! They have all brand new equipment and higher technology tools and gadgets than other practices I have visited, and amazing view from the 2nd floor. I highly recommend you all to visit and book your next appointment with Dr.Chang or Dr.Truong

Kaiwa K.

Good friendly staff and a streamlined experience from start to finish; best dentist visit Ive had in terms of comfort/convenience, really glad to have found this location


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