Emergency Dentistry

What is a Dental Emergency?

It can be hard to pinpoint a true dental emergency, but hopefully the information we share can help.

  • The most important thing is to try not to panic. Breathe!
  • We provide emergency treatment outside office hours.
  • Text or call us at Sweet City Smiles as soon as you can.

What Are Some Signs of a Dental Emergency?

Seek emergency dental treatment as soon as possible if one or more of the following symptoms occur after an impact to the jaw, mouth, teeth, and/or gums accompanied by undeniable pain:

  • A tooth that has been broken or knocked out
  • Discolored teeth and/or discolored gums
  • Visible swelling

A true dental emergency is like any other medical emergency—quick, professional care is required. Common causes of dental emergencies include chewing ice, playing sports with no mouthguard, biting down on substances harder than teeth (such as popcorn kernels), and using teeth as tools, so use common sense and try to break these habits if you have them. Just remember we’re here to help if you slip up and have a lapse in judgment—or an unfortunate accident.

What Should I Do in Case of a Dental Emergency?

Try to remain calm and keep anyone else in your care calm as well. If someone you are caring for has had a dental emergency, remember that no caregiver can be everywhere at all times and remind the injured person that Sweet City Smiles will help them feel better as soon as they can.

For a bitten tongue, lip, or cracked tooth, clean gently with water and apply a cold compress.

If an adult tooth has been knocked out, keep it moist at all times, preferably placing the tooth back in the socket without touching the root. If that is not possible:

  • Hold the tooth between your cheek and gums, or
  • Keep it in milk until you can get to the dentist.
  • Tooth pieces can also be kept moist in milk.

Being informed & staying calm can save your tooth.

Learn what to do in case of emergency—and if you have one, call us!

Sometimes a toothache is just a toothache—but sometimes it isn’t.

If an inconvenient surprise toothache presents itself, the warning signs to watch for are tooth and gum discoloration, visible swelling, and persistent pain that does not decrease or even worsens. If those things should occur, seek emergency dental treatment right away.

We have a few more tips that could prevent unnecessary discomfort.

Avoid oral or topical aspirin and at-home topical pain relief. Aspirin is a blood thinner and can worsen tooth and gum pain, and other topical medicines can prove harmful if swallowed.

  • If an object is stuck in the mouth, try to remove it with floss.
  • If a stuck object cannot be removed with floss, wait for the dentist.
  • Call us and provide as much detail about your condition as you can!
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